Widex Menu

When you have a hearing loss, finding a hearing aid solution that fits you and your budget is not always easy.
Great sounds come with a good selection!
With series of Widex MENU™, you can select features you need without paying for unnecessary extras. Basic menu option offers grea sound for easy listening and comes with cutting edge technology to minimize warble. Also, it can adapt yo your changing listening environment, this is a feature usually found in more expensive hearing aids.
It fits your needs.
If you want a more specific device with best sound quality, in this case another option is to add more channels. Also, if you want more features such as our unıque tinnitus program or our technology for better speech intelligibility in a noisy environment, these can be added. Just, ask health care proffesionals to help you find what Works best for you. Please note that some of the options may be different depending on the country. But don’t worry. Widex Menu provides clear and natural sounds whether additional features or not.