It is a great hearing aid improved for children.
Oticon sensei are latest hearing aids which are specially designed for paediatric group. Sensei, which is produced on continuously present Iinium platform, combines the revolutionary audiological properties with a competent desing. Thus it supplies unequaled requirements of all children from babies to teenagers. Sensei models contain a RITE style BTE with three different loudspaker options and two BTE models which are compatible with CORDA miniFit . Sensei is convenient for all children with hearing loss from low-grade to extreme. A designated paediatric software based on the best application guideline, makes the Sensei more intuitional than ever.
Sensei is suitable for children with hearing loss from mild to severe.
Speech Guard E combines the two application methods. Linear and nonlinear ones in a single compression system. This helps to offer a full and natural sound experience. Speech Guard E offers support children who have haering loss need to improve speech understanding by better preserving the contrast in the speech signal.
Smartfit trainer which is a first in the industry, while showing parents how to work with patterns is placed on the ear, adds a whole new dimension. Smart Sensei LED, when ear mold isn’t in the correct position by specifying this situation, it helps parents and concerned parties of the ear mold to wear it correctly.
Conform with all the wireless signal processing platforms
Sensei EasyRERCD systm addresses the complexity of using the acoustics of the individual ear when setting up your hearing aid. EASYRECD that is personal hearing aid application’s intuitive and effective way, ensures a correct amplification.
VoicePriority i
VoicePriority i is an advanced, compatible an FM strategy. VoicePriority i gives priority to the FM signal by providing additional gain when class is noisy. When noise levels return to normal, VoicePriority i creates a quick way to restore the balance between the microphone signals of the hearing aid and FM.
Oticon Sensei has been developed by considering the lifestyles of children.
Technical Features:

  • İmpressive Design
  • Speech Speech Guard E
  • YouMatic
  • Free Focus
  • Inium Feedback Shield
  • Spatial Sound Premium
  • Connect Line