Sensei Super Power (BTE)

Sensei super power (BTE 13) our new pediatric product and complements our Sensei product range.
Sensei products empowers children at every stage in childhood. Because, auditory system changes and develops in childhood. Sensei SP products consider more details on auditory development. Giving what they need to defend themselves, strengthening the children in each age period is important. To accomplish this goal the most important method of oticon is account into different developing requirements for the auditory system can be applied to different situations.
What makes Sensei SP different?
Oction, with Dynomo, offers BrainHearing Technology that improved for help to people with forward and very forward hearing loss, at super power product segment.
The features that are presented here performs the 3 basic requirements of people with advanced hearing loss.

  • full sound access
  • All the details of the conversation to be taken into account
  • Safety and durability


  • High power with 143 dB SPL output and 82 dB gain
  • Improved feedback management for power users – ınıum sense feedback shialdSP
  • Speech Rescue – Oticon’s frequency composition technology
  • Combination of speech rescue and speech guard E
  • LED status indicators for the safety of children and hypo-allergenic feature
  • IP58 for durability
  • Bimodal application Protocol developed by experts who work in this area