Oction, with Dynomo, offers BrainHearing Technology that improved for help to people with forward and very forward hearing loss, at super power product segment.
The features that are presented here performs the 3 basic requirements of people with advanced hearing loss.

  • full sound access
  • All the details of the conversation to be taken into account
  • Personalization


  • High power: 143 dB SPL/82 dB
  • Speech Rescue – Oticon’s frequency composition technology
  • Combination of speech rescue and speech guard E
  • Improved feedback management for power users – ınıum sense feedback shialdSP
  • YouMatic Feature that offers possibility of personalization for super power users
  • Developed by experts who work in this area, double-sided application Protocol

Speech Rescue
Speech escue is the frequency composition of Oticon that provides Access to high frequency spunds in advamced and very advanced hearing loss. Composition is copying and protection function. We are placing the sound on top of each others. High grequency bands copy to lower frequency region and the original high frequency bands are retained in their own original positions. We believe that the natural connection of the lowered signal should be maintained for more protection of the details of the conversation.
This method is based on providing the oppoırtunity to hear high frequency sounds such as S and T for the users. This process is in progress without disturbing important sounds such as sound tips at middle frequences.
For the patients it means that they will have a more detailed conversation. Thus, they will be able to follow the conversation more easily.
Sense feedback shieldSP
Inium Sense platform and its fast processor provide superior and effective feedback mnagement and prevention system. This system was developed specifically for super power users. We call it “ Inium Sense Feedback ShieldSP”
Inıum Sense Feedback shieldSP has the ability to reduce effectively the possibility of feedback more, the risk of capture feedback much more quickly and more effective prevention. This is done by maintaining high quality sound.
For patient, it means that hold the ones you love, or to use the phone. without a squeak of the hearing device.
Combination of speech rescue and speech guard E
This system increased the patient to assist in speech intelligibility speech allows it to be increased to the highest level of detail.
Step 1: Recovery: Speech Rescue firstly high frequence sounds come from heairing aid’s signal way transform to low frequency.
Step 2: Guard: Speech Guard E enhances to high frequence sounds. The emergence of this compression is to ensure that the system recovered speech sounds clearly preserves the dynamic contrasts of the input signal.
You Matic for Super Power
Every patient has unique personalization tool that offers a custom application for super-power.
Patients who have orward and very forward hearing loss depend on hearing aids. There is an option not to use them.  Hearing aids very important for them. This can create a barrier to the migration to your new hearing aid.
Application controls and customization tools provide a starting point in accordance with the patient's personal choice and this case makes easier to the transition new hearing aid technologies and improves patient satisfaction.
4 diffrent price levels supply with different budgets and needs
Dynamo SP 10, Dynamo SP 8, Dynamo SP 6 ve Dynamo SP 4