Siemens Orion Hearing Aid

Sounds of life

siemens orion işitme cihazı
Siemens with Oriın hearing aids offers an extensive variety of products that include types of behind-the-ear and in-ear for various hearing loss. Types of hearig aids: little Orion S for low-grade hearing loss, Model P for high level of hearing loss and in-the-canal devices that is unnoticed behind your ears or easily lost in your ear canal. In addition to great ease-of-use, with all of the models with the wireless option, you will really enjoy from the sounds that take place in memory.
Orion hearing aids with personal convenience

  • Wide application possibilities that appropriate for all hearing losses
  • long-term service life with strong design
  •  while orione’s microphones are focusing on the sound comes from the direction you are looking at, different tones trail off. Thus, you can hear people in your immediate vicinity very easily.
  • Optional wireless connection
  • Thanks to work together left and right hearing aids, improved hearing
  • Extraordinory feedback cancellation that prevents annoying whistling sound
  • In additıon to Orion's tinnitus masking feature, a significant relaxation and improvement in hearing
  • easy-to-use convenience with control keys
  • there is an option standard telecoil and lug fm at premium models
  • The cabin of the equipment can be changed different colors if you prefer

Product features:

  • Range of 60/118 dB
  • 32 Canal
  • Narrow directional
  • Battery cover opening/closing function
  • BestSound Technology
  • TouchControl Application
  • Tinnitus masking
  • Volume control
  • Program button
  • Rechargeable

Ace Binax
Perfect invisibility and exceptional sound quality
Our smallest RIC model, which Ace, was always the leader of the smallest size and maximum invisibility.
Still so small and barely noticeable behind the ears.
The next generation of best sound technology, Ace model, even further to the level of the binax brings invisibility.
thanks to the touch control app, it can be controlled remotely. Thus, our customers will be able to make setting such as hearing aids programs,sound settings and deep&shrill settings with a few little touches from a smartphone.
This Ace Binax is ideal solution for first users or looking for both style and quality.
With Ace Binax, our customers don’t have to choose between invisibility and usage. Because, now they will be able to have both of them.
Now, Ace Binax is more invisible than ever.
Live your individuality.
Don't let your hearing loss stop you. Insio private hearing aid may be tiny, but is packed with many advanced features. Its improved technology learns your personal preferences in time. So, it offers excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility as automatically adapt to the environment. Insıo also has wireless connectivity feature. Thus, it has tinnitus masking feature that decreases the discomfort of ringing and audio transfer from audio resources such as tv and mp3 player. Insio in addition to all these outstanding features, allows you to experience your life without any restrictions with high user comfort and reliable perfrmance.
Insio features:

  • the control button to change the program (optional)
  • battery cover for quick and easy battery replacement
  • the ventilation gap for the ventilation of ideal ear canal
  • A button to change the volume level (only for ITE devices)
  • distinctive relaxation and hearing improvement by Tinnitus masking feature
  • while it is focusing on sound from the front side in difficult listening situations, it improves intelligibility of talking by reducing noises from other directions (It is standard at ITE styles and It’s optional at ITC)
  • Three styles:

ITE (in the ear)
ITC (in the canal)
CIC (completely in Canal); iMİni/IIC (completely invisible) option