Siemens Aquaris Series Hearing Aids
Siemens Aquaris Waterproof Sensation
Life is to be lived withouts some limits. Water, powder  or shake or blows shouldn’t stop. Aquaris is made of solid material and has an impressive design.
Siemens has made the biggest progress in the industry because Siemens offered first real waterproof hearing aids. You can enjoy decibel of life with Aquaris actively.
It is waterproof

  • Completely water-resistant hull plating and battery cover
  • IP57 certificate: Waterproof at a depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes
  • Special design soft ear pattern for swimming

It is sweat and dust-proof

  • It doesn’t get sweat, dust and dirty
  • Solid and moisture-proof, dry surface
  • Plated to protect against corrosion

Shock protection against shake and blows

  • Shock protection with ergonomic format and soft textured lacquer
  • Scratch-resistant anti slip soft rubber coating
  • Removable sport clip for more protection


  • BestSound Technology for most smooth audio quality
  • unique material and new ideas for full waterproofing
  • seamless connectivity with single and mini single wireless integration systems