Phonak Audéo™ V

Plug the devices in, love them, forget them on your ear

  • Automatic adaptation

It automatically selects the best possible settings to maximize the performance of hearing in your listening environment.

  • Improved speech understanding

Excellent performance in noisy listening situations

  • For more music enjoyment

Venture haring aids that texted by expert music listeners, are most excels in music.

  • Better understanding in the car

Users said that %37 spending less effort while they are listening to conversations in the car.
The thing that contact between you and with your loved ones and the world is understanding, interact and participate in the conversation. Audéo V hearing aids focused on speech understanding, comfort, and ease of use and they were designed to provide the desired listening experience. Audéo V hearing aids automatically adjusted according to the current listening situation, allow you to enjoy your life wherever you may be.

You pass between different listening situations everyday. Audeo V’s sophisticated operating system provides to be exactly adapted to your environment and offers unique voice quality with minimum interactior. Phonak’s unique feature is “hearing aids send the conversation from an ear to another ear”. Just as hearing aids are talking to each other. Thus, you hear everything with both of ears.