Phonak Sky™ V

Make the children discover the world confidently
Q Power xReceiver (xP)

  • It was created for performance

Sky V hearing aids adapt automatically to the environment where your child is located.

  • More sounds, more fun

Provide the opportunity for optimum hearning for your child speech and language learning.

  • Simple functionality

Thanks to new easy-to-understand indicator lamp, you can be aware of when your kid’s hearing aid is turned on, when the Roger program is active and the low battery status.

  • Better speech understanding

Really talking with each other Sky V Hearing Aids delivers the optimal level of hearing when your child discover the world, learn and interact the World.

  • Durable enough

It is water, sweat and dust resistant. So nothing can divide your child’s fun.
Because a child isn’t a little adult.
You want the best for your child and we want that at Phonak. For over 40 years we are committed ourselves to understand the needs of children with hearing loss and this allowed me the opportunity to improve particular innovative and intuitive solutions that truly meet your listening needs.
Express yourself!
Introducing Sky V's mix & match color palette, provides you with the ability to choose perfect color combination for children and young people.