Types of Hearing Loss

In general, we can separate hearing loss types by 5 groups.

1. Transmission type hearing loss

2. Sensorineural (S / N) hearing loss

3. Mixed type hearing loss

4. Functional hearing loss

5. Center (Central) hearing loss

1- Conductive hearing loss
It is a hearing loss caused by external and middle ear dysfunctions (ear baffles, ear infections, middle ear pathologies and diseases, exogenous dysfunction, external otitis, etc.). Medical treatment is possible. Hearing aids are recommended when treatment fails. They can benefit from hearing aids at maximum level. The problem of people with transmission type hearing loss; Their voices are weak. There are no detection problems. When good quality and proper hearing aids are offered, the perceptions are very good.

2- Neural (Sensorineural) (S / N) hearing loss
It is a hearing loss that occurs in the hearing nerves of the inner ear. The cause is; These include viral infections, acoustic trauma, Meniere's syndrome, head trauma, antibiotics, and excessive noise. Treatment of nerve-type hearing loss is unlikely. The person needs to use efficient and compatible hearing aids to maintain contact. People with this disorder experience perception problems, can not distinguish voices, have difficulty in understanding most or part of the voices and voices. They need high-quality hearing aids and lips to speak.

3- Mixed type hearing loss
It is a hearing loss both in the inner ear and in the outer and middle ear. In other words, the same aural conduction is a hearing loss of type and neural type hearing loss together.

People with this hearing loss understand certain words well, but can not distinguish other words. In general, the success rate of this disease is poor. Using hearing aids, they can reduce hearing problems to a minimum. A good quality hearing aid can be a good benefit when used with proper adaptation.

4- Functional hearing loss
It is a non-organic, emotional hearing loss. People with this disorder can use their hearing aids to resolve hearing problems.

5- Central hearing loss
It is a hearing loss that occurs when the hearing center is damaged. Treatment of such hearing loss, which occurs between different causes of cochlear nuclei and auditory cortex, is unlikely to be possible. People with this loss can use some hearing aids to get rid of some of the problems.



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