What is hearing aid?



Hearing loss can be occurred at birth or in any period of life because of an illness, in a sudden way or gradually. When it occurs gradually, the person cannot understand the situation but the friends and the family realize the problem.
There are several reasons of hearing loss and the problem is arises from the parts of auditory system.
Otorhinolaryngologists and audio logical diagnosis centers can define the reasons on the certain problem. The findings at the end of the tests shed light on the cures and preventions.


  • Auditory System

The human ear has a complex structure. The transformation of sound waves to electric signals which brain can identify is more complex.
But in a simple way the hearing begins with external ear, the earlap collects sound waves and steers to ear canal, these waves vibrate the eardrum.
The parts of middle ear, step up the vibration and convey them to inner ear. The main aural and balance organ is located in the inner ear. The hairy cells in the cochlea, which is responsible for hearing, perceive the vibrations and change them into electric signals then convey them to auditory nerves.



  • Hearing Aid

Hearing aid is the amplifier which provides the hearing with the help of electric circuits, with the hearing aid the aim is increasing the ability of communicating skills of people with hearing loss.
The sound is gathered with a microphone and transformed into electric signals with the help of amplifier.





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